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Multi-day Tours

Wonderful Chiltern Tour

Cost $1270 for two persons all inclusive.

Runs every day of the year (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day) between 6am and 5pm



This tour explores Chiltern – Mount Pilot National Park, one of the best remaining examples of Box-ironbark Forest. The area is regarded as one of the best birding sites in the country and is home to some of the most exciting birds in Australia. Birds such as the stunningly beautiful Turquoise Parrot, the endangered Regent Honeyeater, Mistletoebird, White-browed Babbler, Speckled Warbler and Painted Honeyeater. As well as the birds you may also encounter mammals and reptiles as well. It is an area which we are sure you will love.


  • Birds which are Box-ironbark specialists
  • The chance of seeing some rarely encountered species
  • Naturalist birding guide
  • A spotlighting session to search for nocturnal species
  • Dinner at an Aussie pub
  • Travel in a spacious Toyota Landcruiser Prado


Day 1   You will be picked up at you city hotel at 5 am (later pickup times available) and we will travel 3 hours north of Melbourne to Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park stopping on the way for breakfast. As soon as we arrive the birding will begin. The day will include birding along many of the tracks that intersect the park to maximise the number of species seen. We will also take the time to sit at various waterholes to see which species come in for a drink. A picnic lunch will be had in the park with the birds.

Dinner will be had at a local Pub. The nearby area is a wine-growing region so there will be plenty of local wines available to have with your meal.

Dinner will be followed by some spotlighting to search for some of the areas nocturnal species. Species we may see include Tawny Frogmouth, Boobook Owl, Barking Owl, Barn Owl and  Australian Owlet-nightjar.

You will then settle into your accommodation at the local motel.

Day 2

We will head out into the park early to experience the dawn chorus This is an experience you will never forget as the forests’ birds wake up and call at once, a combined sound that would rival the worlds best orchestras.

Following a hearty breakfast, we will head back into the park to search new areas. We will walk at several sites and continue birding until lunch at the local bakery. We will also visit the local wetlands to add to our list.

At 3 pm we will head back to Melbourne to arrive by 6.30pm

Tour is subject to accommodation availability and may need to be altered in the case of severe bushfire conditions

Cancellation Policy. Cancellation of the tour within 30 days of the tour date will result in a 50% loss of tour cost. Cancellation of the tour with less than one week of the tour date will result in a 100% loss of the tour cost


Great Ocean Road

Cost $1561 for 2 persons (minimum of 2 participants) Prices are valid til December 2017


This tour takes place in one of the most scenic locations on earth. The focus of this tour is the bird life however you will be awestruck at every turn by the rugged coastlines, the pristine forests and the biodiversity that will reveal itself to you. We will slowly make our way toward Cape Otway, the southernmost point of the Australian mainland, stopping along the way to search for some of the special birds that occur here. Birds such as the Rufous Bristlebird, a much sought after bird even by local birders. We will attempt to see the Southern Emu Wren, Gang Gang Cockatoo and the impressive Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. You will be given the best chance to see these species and more as we explore several different habitats on our way west to the award-winning Great Ocean Ecolodge, social enterprise of the Conservation Ecology Centre. Along the way you will see the birds, some mammals and learn about the area’s history.

Contact me for this special tour so that we can arrange everything for you.


  • Rare and exciting birds
  • Ancient rainforests
  • Naturalist birding guide
  • Spectacular  scenery
  • An overnight stay at the Great Ocean Ecolodge
  • Travel in a spacious Toyota Landcruiser Prado


Day 1   You will be picked up at you Melbourne hotel at 7 am. We will travel south-west of Melbourne to the world famous Great Ocean Road. We will stop at various well-chosen sites along the way, each selected to maximise the number of species seen. As well as being wonderful for birding this area is one of the most scenic locations on earth. We will lunch at Lorne although we will still be birding as our bushland lunch location is also a wonderful opportunity to see bush birds. After lunch, we continue to Cape Otway and the internationally acclaimed Great Ocean Ecolodge. After setting in you will be led on an incredible walk around the property by one of the resident ecologists. You will also see wild kangaroos and koalas. Dinner will follow accompanied by local wine and beer.

Day 2   After a scrumptious breakfast we will head west and visit some great birding sites along the way. After visiting the iconic 12 Apostles we will head inland towards Melbourne stopping at a variety of habitats along the way including coastal heathland, wetlands, temperate rainforest and eucalyptus woodland. Birding will continue all the way back to Melbourne where you will be dropped off back to your hotel by 6 pm.

This very special tour is only available by inquiring by email as availability is limited. Please note that this tour has a minimum of 2 participants.

Tour is subject to accommodation availability and may need to be altered in the case of severe bushfire conditions

Cancellation Policy. Cancellation of the tour within 30 days of the tour date will result in a 50% loss of tour cost. Cancellation of the tour with less than one week of the tour date will result in 100% of tour cost.

5 Day Mallee Birding Tour

Cost $4720 AUD for two people twin share.

Runs every day of the year (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day) between 6am and 5pm


This tour has been designed to take in as many different habitats as possible to maximise the number of species. You will visit two of the best National Parks containing Mallee habitat, Murray Sunset National Park and Hattah-Kulkynne National Park. You will see and explore some of Victoria’s River Red Gum forests along Australia’s largest river, the Murray. At Chiltern you will see the best examples of Box-ironbark habitats in Australia and the wildlife that depend on it.


  • Birds which are Mallee specialists.
  • The chance of seeing some rarely encountered species.
  • Naturalist birding guide.
  • Spotlighting sessions where possible.
  • Explore unique habitats.
  • Travel in a spacious Toyota Landcruiser Prado.


Day 1. Melbourne to Hattah Kulkyne National Park.

5 am Pick up.

We will drive from Melbourne to Hattah Kulkyne National Park stopping for breakfast at Wedderburn. We should arrive at the park at 11 am and we will spend the rest of the day birding there. Birds that we will be searching for include Mallee Emu-wren, Malleefowl, Chestnut Quail-thrush, Striped Honeyeater, Southern Scrub-robin, Striated Grasswren. Picnic lunch in the park.

Overnight at Mildura.

Dinner in Mildura.

Day 2. Murray Sunset National Park

All day birding Murray Sunset National Park. Target species include Purple-gaped Honeyeater, Gilbert’s Whistler, Red-lored Whistler and much more.
Overnight at Chaffey Motel, Mildura.
Picnic lunch in Murray Sunset National Park

Overnight at the Hillview Motel

Dinner at Ouyen Hotel

Day 3. Birding from Ouyen to Echuca

The day will be spent travelling south-east along the Murray Valley Highway with birding at Gunbower State Park and various other locations depending on recent sightings and conditions. Lunch at a cafe en route.
 We will also explore Goschen Bushland Reserve near Swan Hill. This relatively small park can be a real gem in terms of the species that have been seen here. We might get lucky and see a Grey-crowned Babbler.

Dinner at a local pub in Echuca.

Overnight at Echuca.

Day 4. Echuca to Chiltern

This morning we will head into the Barmah National Park in search of the Superb Parrot. We will then drive to Chiltern where we will be birding for the rest of the day.

Overnight at Chiltern.

Dinner at the Chiltern Pub

Spotlighting session after dinner.

 Day 5. Chiltern to Melbourne.

This morning we will have breakfast in the park with the birds and continue birding in the south of the park for the rest of the day. At around 2 pm we will head to one last birding site at Wangaratta to pick up some extra species before heading back to Melbourne by 6.30pm.


Guiding fee.

Fuel and vehicle costs.

All Meals.

All accommodation.



Personal Items

Tour is subject to accommodation availability and may need to be altered in the case of severe bush fire conditions

Cancellation Policy. Cancellation of the tour within 30 days of the tour date will result in a 50% loss of tour cost. Cancellation of the tour with less than one week of the tour date will result in a 100% loss of the tour cost


Cost $1545 per person (minimum of two people).

Total   $3635 for two persons plus return airfares to Broken Hill.

Contact us directly to book this amazing tour and check out the Mallee extension which would increase the species count.


This tour will give you a taste of the Australian outback and the chance to see the amazing birds and mammals that specialize in this type of habitat. Boolcoomatta was a sheep station for over 100 years before it was purchased by Bush Heritage Australia. BHA now manage the property and have managers living on site. The property is a massive 63,000 hectares (155,000 acres) and has several distinct habitats which will increase the biodiversity. This will ensure that you will see a diverse range of species over the three days.

Target Species

Some of the target species are Cinnamon Quail-thrush, Orange Chat, Plains Wanderer, Ground Cuckoo-shrike, Rufous Fieldwren, Black-eared Cuckoo, Chirupping Wedgebill, Crested Bellbird, Redthroat, Elegant Parrot and Emu.

As well as birds should also see a variety of mammals and reptiles including Red Kangaroo, Common Wallaroo, Shingleback Lizard and the Bearded Dragon.


Transport will be in a late model air-conditioned Toyota Prado 4WD fully equipped with field guides, spotting scope, refrigerator, communications radio.


Our accommodation on the reserve is in the historic Singleman’s Quarters, which has been recently renovated and provides a comfortable home for our birding adventure. Two bedrooms with ensuites are next to the main living room and kitchen.


Breakfast will be had prior to setting out from accommodation. Breakfast will consist of a cooked breakfast, cereal, fresh fruit and coffee and tea.

Lunch will be had in the field amongst the birds consisting of sandwiches, fruit and nut bars, coffee, tea and cold water.

Dinner will be cooked and eaten in the dining area of our accommodation.

Dinners will consist of a main meal plus dessert.

Food provided will take into account the guests personal preferences and cater for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and any other dietary needs.


Day 1

9.30am Pick up at Broken Hill Airport

You will be met by your guide and driven to Boolcoomatta Reserve.

2 hour drive to Boolcoomatta Reserve. Settle into accommodation and begin birding on nearby tracks for the rest of the day

Dinner will be had back at the accommodation. A leisurely evening around camp with some star-gazing if we have clear skies.

Day 2

Birding all day at Boolcoomatta, following the established tracks on the reserve. Various types of habitat will be visited including open mulga woodlands and saltbush plains. Lunch will be had in the field amongst the birds. Dinner back at accommodation. We will have a spotlighting session after dinner and search for some of the nocturnal species including the Plains Wanderer.

Day 3

Half day birding in any areas that may have been missed to track down any extra species. We will then head to Broken Hill Airport for your flights to Melbourne or Sydney.

Optional Mallee extension.

Mallee Birding

As an optional extra you could begin at Mildura airport and explore the Mallee Region of Victoria which includes Murray Sunset National Park and Hattah Kulkyne National Park. This region has some amazing flora and fauna. We will visit two of the best National Parks in the area, Murray-Sunset National Park and Hattah Kulkynne National Park. Here we will search for the mallee specialists, birds that depend on this type of habitat. Birds such as Mallee Emu-wren, Striated Grasswren, Blue Bonnet, Malleefowl and many more.

Target Species

Malleefowl, Mallee Emu-wren, Chestnut Quail-thrush, Regent Parrot, Striated Grasswren, Splendid Fairy-wren and Shy Heathwren.


Accommodation for two nights will be at the Chaffey Hotel in Mildura. This location is within easy reach of both parks and in well placed for the drive on day three to Boolcoomatta.


Day 1

9.30am Pickup at Mildura Airport. Another option would be a 5am pickup in Melbourne and a drive to Mildura with some birding along the way.

Birding in Murray Sunset National Park. Picnic lunch will be in the park so we can continue birding.

Dinner & Accommodation at the Chaffey Motel Restaurant

Day 2

6am departure from motel.

Breakfast in Hattah Kulkynne National Park. Birding all day in the park.

Dinner at local pub in Mildura.

Day 3

Drive to Boolcoomatta. (as per Day 1 Boolcoomatta)


2 Day Mallee Birding extension.

 $1720 for two people twinshare.

Total for 5 days

$5355 for two persons plus airfares.



Private Birding guide, food and refreshments, accommodation, pickup and drop off at Broken Hill Airport. Field guides, use of Swarovski spotting scope, Bushnell binoculars

Not included

Alcohol and personal drinks or snacks, personal items, airfares to Mildura & from Broken Hill, approximately $850


Please leave the bulk of you luggage at your city hotel and bring along overnight bags or one large case.